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Clubs and Activities

Students at NSE are exposed to a lot of useful information and skills in the regular classroom on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, we do not always take the time to let the student practice or use this information and skill for an authentic purpose.  School clubs and organizations are a great way to get students involved in their school and community while at the same time giving them opportunities to perfect many of the skills we are teaching them in the regular classroom.  

At NSE, we strongly encourage teachers and support staff to get students involved in "clubs and organizations" within the school.  It is not enough to create a club just for the sake of creating another club. The club sponsor should be passionate about the club topic and he or she should attract participants that are just as passionate.  Clubs do not always have to meet after school.  Some clubs meet during school hours so that more students can be a part of the club.  Below is a list of some of the clubs at NSE that are making a HUGE difference at our school, in our community, and with our students: